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Soft Capsule

Soft Capsule Soft capsule processing, our soft capsule products,in trace elements, rubber compound, including flavouring essence has its own unique feature, Korea imported full automatic production line, ensure the stability, security, and homogeneity of products.

Gummy Candy

Gummy Candy Application of mature gummy production technology, is given priority to sugar, liquid glucose, gelatin, coupled with the right amount of minerals or vitamins, natural fruit juices and other nutrients, after multi-channel working procedure, constitute the different states of matter, quality and structure, and the fragrance, elegant and preservation of solid candy.Flexible and chewing.Product taste, colour and lustre, nutritional form natural color, creating children's magic health food.Interesting cartoon shape, fully meet the childlike innocence of the children, at the same time in the taste of leisure supply nutrients required for growth, rich nutrition and good taste is also adults health choice. [Core equipment] the most advanced gummy production line [Production capacity] annual production capacity of 7500 tons [Dosage forms]already has dozens of sets of mold, lovely modelling, lovely bear shapes, ocean series, fruit shape, Numbers, shapes, such as shape, and have more than one series of products: vitamins, minerals, calcium series, children's educational series, a variety of shape type series and so on


Powder Introduction: use of advanced technology and production equipment, unique technology of nutrients added, mix a variety of active ingredients of the raw materials and powder products, made of advanced sterilization filling technology can sufficiently to keep the activity of the nutrients, promote the interaction between product unique nutritional effects.Make health food "from food, higher than food", make it more close to life. [Core equipment]three-dimensional motion mixer garment, microwave drying sterilization equipment, automatic quantitative powder filling machine. [Production capacity] annual production capacity of 1000 tons. Company according to the characteristics of the OEM generation of processing production, we established a set of customer service and technical support for the center with the order system, timely response and handling of customer requirements, to ensure the accurate delivery time and quality of the product.


Tablet Based on the company for more than 20 years food tabletting candy production experience, make us from taste, color, shape, the production technology of lead in the industry, many varieties, large-scale, the accumulation of years of experience in actual production, coupled with advanced granulation and pelleting equipment, make our products more perfect. [Core equipment]effervescent granules drying machine, three-dimensional motion mixer, rotary tablet press machine, granulator, dry granulator, thin film coating machine. [Production capacity]annual production capacity of 2.5 billion pieces More than 7000 square meters of tablet GMP standard production workshop, several automatic packaging line, a variety of different formative tablet mold, research and development center laboratory dozens of unique formula, annual production capacity of 2.5 billion grains, can all meet the unique needs of different customers.


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